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Explorer  0 - 59 points

Pathfinder  60 - 199 points 

Adventurer   200 - 499 points

Trailblazer   500+ points

Ranger   Invitation only

Points, Badges, and Levels

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Points & Badges

State Badges: These are earned every time you visit a trail in a new US state! When you write a trip report, post a photo, check in, or rate a trail in a state that you haven't visited before, you'll get a new badge to show off...see if you can collect all 50!

Coming soon: Canadian Badges

Level Badges

Your current level, based on the number of Points you've earned, will display on your profile page and in other places around the site. Level up and collect all of the badges!

Getting Started

Welcome, new members!  =  10 points

Update your profile photo  =  5 points


Something you shared receives a Like  = 1 point

Receive your first follower  =  2 points

Your photo is Photo of the Day  = 100 points

Exploring Trails

Rate a trail  = 1 point

Mark "I've Done This" on a trail  = 2 points

Add a photo of a trail =  5 points

Record a trail on the iOS app  = 10 points

Write a trip report  = 20 points